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If i had a veggie store...

Brian Wilson would be my check out clerk.

They call me t3h s3x
24 February
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I am a girl who loves to play with rocks. Well, rocks in that cultural sense at least. An aspiring archaeologist, i find refuge among chipped stone and flaky-debitage.
I adore rainbow obsidian more than anything, and this is why:

The old saying "archaeologists date flakes" doesn't hold true here, as I am engaged to the most amazing and inspiring man I have ever met. He is simply delicious and I adore every one of his enigmas. We are perfectly suited for one another, take a peek:

Archeologists do, however, do it in the dirt.

oh... AND

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my pet!

I am a big snob about the books i read and i push them on other people.

Here is my 2005 list so far (i add page numbers to assert my superiority)
By The River Piedra I Sat and Wept- Paulo Coelho 180 pages Jan 1, 2005
Spiderwick #1- 107 pages Jan 1, 2005
Eats, Shoots & Leaves- Lynn Truss 209 pages Feb 11, 2005
The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho 198 pages Feb 13 2005
Warrior of the Light- Paulo Coelho 136 pages Feb 13 2005
Honor Lost- Norma Khouri 211 pages Feb 14 2005
The valkyries- Paulo Coelho 212 pages Feb 18 2005
The Fifth Mountain- Paulo Coelho 245 pages March 1 2005
The Pilgrimage- Paulo Coelho 265 pages March 15 2005
Veronika Decides to Die- Paulo Coelho 210 March 19 2005
American Gods- Neil Gaiman 588 April 7 2005